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Why can’t you leave a good thing alone?

TL;DR: Beard Design is now Opposite. We outgrew the name. Spent two years finding the right one. Today we make the shift. Same team. Same studio. Same dog. Same work. New stance.

Noteworthy or Not-worthy? A Design Critique of the new Rs. 2,000 note

Abhisek Sarda


Studio Version 2.0.1

Over the last four years, we’ve sailed through several versions of Beard Design. Through each version, we’ve discovered what we truly believed in, what gave us joy (apart from Bodoni!), what was profitable, what was foolish (having a phone number on our website!) and what the next version of our studio should be.

The portrait of a designer in a Postmodern world

Trusha Sawant

Design has evolved through varied cultural and art progressions. The Postmodern began with a liberalisation of ideas without any set adherence to rational order and formal organization. The movement has been an expressive and playful time for designers with a number of conspicuous trends – retro, techno, punk, grunge, beach, parody and pastiche.

A few thoughts on Design Awards

Beard Design was nominated by public vote for the Pool Magazine’s India’s Best Design Studio list. And I received an email asking us to submit documents and work samples for the next round of judging by a panel. We’ve decided not to participate in this for several reasons. Some of which I’d like to share here as my thoughts on awards and “best _______ lists”.

Resolutions for 2014

All of us made resolutions for 2014. Then we made a website for it.

Beard Design in the Economic Times

The Economic Times wrote about Beard Design and how we started and run the company from Goa instead of a conventional start-up city like Bangalore.


Beard Design in Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine wrote about Beard Design in its September 2013 issue, in a story about “The New Creators of Cool”. We’re happy to report that we are the youngest company written about in the story, the only one with non-elite design school origins and the only one not based in Bombay or Delhi.

What’s cooking? : August 2013

What’s Cooking is our quarterly company meeting, where we discuss what we’ve been up to, how the company is doing and where we’re headed. And of course, the new people in the team cook up a delicious dinner!

Our Tea Trunk work featured in BRAND magazine

Our work on the Tea Trunk Brand Identity and Packaging was mentioned in the “World of Innocence” issue of the Brand Magazine.

Iconomic Meltdown Bombay Edition: 60 Designers, 24 Hours, 900 Icons!

Iconomic Meltdown is a series of 24-hour events for designers to come together and make beautiful icons. This will culminate into an online platform called “Iconomy”, where anyone can search for and download icons to use in their projects.

Making of our Team Page GIFs

Abhisek Sarda

A lot of people who’ve seen the page have written to us about how much they love the way we’ve done our team page, especially the animated GIFs. So we thought we’d share the behind the scenes making of the Team Page GIFs.

10 Tips to Make a Good Design Portfolio

Abhisek Sarda

Don’t treat your portfolio as your backup folder, dumping everything you’ve ever done in it. Show us a selection of your best and most recent work. Put in stuff you’re really proud of. Don’t ever put something in your portfolio and then say “oh, but I did that long back… now I’m much better”.

April Fool: Bid for Bodoni

Abhisek Sarda

Bid for Bodoni was an April Fool Prank that Beard Design created. Ever since the company started, we’ve been doing pranks every April.