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Sugar POP

Brand and Packaging

Sugar POP is an affordable color cosmetics line from Sugar. It is aimed at younger, price-conscious users and will largely be sold offline, at multi-brand retail stores.


We had two main expectations from the visual design. One, to stand-out in the highly competitive and cluttered retail environment. Second, to make the product aspirational within its price bracket. And we were working with very tight production budgets – no mono-cartons, single-colour printing etc…


To achieve this, we made two major choices. One, a minimal design approach, focused on the brand and product name – ensuring high visibility. Two, a striking colour palette that would make the products stand out in a sea of black products and create recall.


Sugar POP is already out in the market with 4 categories (Kajal, Lipstick, Compact and Sunscreen) and new products being added every quarter.