Rent Set Go

UX/UI for Mobile


Rent Set Go is a pioneering rental marketplace for products in categories like Bicycles, Camping Gear, Cameras etc… We worked with the team at Rent Set Go over 12 weeks to translate their product vision into an intuitive and beautiful mobile experience.


The app revolves around two broad user flows – lenders and borrowers. We mapped the features and functions for each, built wireframes to simplify and clarify the flow and functions and created a working prototype to test the user experience.


The UI Design for the App is based on the Google Material Design guidelines. Though, we injected a fair bit of the brand’s personality in the interface through custom-made illustrations and iconography that make the app stand out, while ensuring a consistent experience that feels familiar.


They key achievement of the UX work on this project was to create an experience that referenced the UX of an ecommerce app to make users feel at home, but deftly incorporated the complexity of renting – availability, approvals, two-way movement of goods, credibility of borrower and lender etc…