Brand Creation & Packaging


Kapiva is a wellness brand with a mission to make good health accessible for everyone. Their product line ranges from wellness promoting juices and Apple Cider Vinegar to ghee, honey, MCT oil, gummies, plant protein and more.


The brand was launched in 2016 as an Ayurveda focused brand. The founding team engaged with us in 2019 to reposition the focus of the brand from Ayurveda and Healing to Wellness.


Our research and brand positioning exercise identified two key insights. One, consumers in this category really cared about where the products they were consuming came from. Second, Kapiva had a unique sourcing model built around decades-old family relationships with farmers across the country. This led us to the positioning of “Sourced without Shortcuts” (#NoShortcuts). This beautifully sums up their approach of going the extra mile to source only the best ingredients – Golden Amlas from Pratapgarh, Apples from the Himalayas, Ghee from Tharparkar cows, Noni from Andaman islands…


The focus on where the ingredients came from also translated into the visual language of the packaging. From studying the shelves Kapiva would compete on, we had learnt that it is critical for the key ingredient to be visually present on the packaging. We combined this with the story of the provenance of the products to create beautiful illustrations of hands holding the ingredients for each product. This established the positioning of the brand and gave it a unique, ownable visual identity.


The second visual device we developed was the arrow. As a benefits-focused brand, the arrow visually links the product name to the core benefits and acts as another identifier for the brand on the packaging.


Both the hand and the arrow scale flawlessly across product categories and structures, creating a unified identity for the brand on the store shelf and online. The colour and typographic choices cue the Wellness category and make Kapiva approachable, even for customers who are first-time users of wellness products.


The packaging system also gives Kapiva the ability to quickly launch new products to take advantage of opportunities in the ever-evolving wellness category. Look out for Kapiva products on the shelves at Godrej Nature’s Basket, General Stores, Pharmacies and of course on their website and Amazon.