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Digit Insurance

Website for Insurance


Digit is a new kind of insurance company that’s seeking to revolutionize the insurance experience in India. It is built around the fact that insurance right now is complicated and has an aura of untrustworthiness around it – far from the safety net it was actually supposed to be. With the backing of the global financials holdings giant, Fairfax, they’re re-imagining insurance ground up; from the product offerings itself, to the buying and claiming experiences.


We worked closely with the Digit team to build their website and their quote generation tool [See project here].


The aesthetic approach with the website was designed to break away from the stereotype of the conventional insurance website – crammed, verbose and confusing. Whitespace and bold, large typography were prioritized to make the pages friendly, focussed and easily readable.


Content consumption was another key issue to address as we were faced with two challenges – insurance is complicated and users don’t read long content on the web anymore. We designed for the content to be broken into crisp, scan-able units and created video units for easier explanations, which will be launched in subsequent versions of the website.