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Brand Identity for Fintech

Capitalmind is an Investment Research and Wealth Management startup that combines a deep understanding of money with innovative technology.


It operates two models. A DIY model (Capitalmind Premium) where it provides original research, opinions and strategies for investors to trade themselves. And a hands-off model (Capitalmind Wealth), for High Networth Individuals, with tailor-made investment plans based on the user’s preferences and goals.


We worked with the founding team at Capitalmind, led by Deepak Shenoy, Vashistha Iyer and Shray Chandra, to revamp the visual identity.


The new Capitalmind brand is anchored by a custom “C” monogram designed to evoke a sense of purpose. Combined with the comma device (a cue to the financial nature of the brand), the logo creates a sense of optimism and expectation.


The business had two facets – a content platform (Capitalmind Premium) and a service (Capitalmind Wealth). The visual language we created for the brand deftly handles the needs for both. The content business needed a visual system that would allow the brand to remain fresh and interesting everyday. While the wealth management business needed a brand that rose above the fray and evoked a sense of sophistication.