Branding and Packaging Design


Bon-fiction is a tree-to-bar chocolatier, founded by Akhil and Prathina Grandhi. Their cacao beans come from their own (and neighbouring) farms, grown sustainably around the river Godavari. Made using traditional chocolate-making processes, the bars are worth writing stories about!


Opposite worked with the founders to create the Brand Name, the Product Nomenclature, the Brand Identity and Packaging Design. And of course, testing and reviewing several iterations of the chocolate bars!


Our approach was to create a brand that was rooted, but modern and eclectic. Comfortable in the chocolate aisle, but not familiar. Packaging that reflected the craft, but wasn't stuffy and boring. The logo is a custom-lettered typemark that reflects the craftsmanship and finesse that is integral to making good chocolate-making. Each product is named to evoke the title of a book, while cleverly referring to the key ingredients. The packaging design uses simple layouts, paired with beautiful typeface choices and custom illustrations to bring just the right balance of whimsy and tradition to the brand.

11_Staggered Minis Flatlays_4.jpg
6.1_Mango Hand Held.jpg
7_Stacked Composition.png
8_Monocarton Flatlay with Wrappers_2.jpg
9.1_Federation of Odd.png
2_Monocarton Flatlay_1.jpg
10_Broken Chocolate Flatlay_3.png
13_Monocarton Flatlay_5.jpg
14.2_Eclipse of the Senses.jpg
15_The Crandberry Chilli Chase.png
16.1_Coconut Covenant.jpg
16.2_Coconut Covenant and Cranberry Mini.jpg
17_Monocarton Flatlay 55g + Mini_6.jpg
18.1_Scattered Minis.jpg
18.2_Chocolate Bar.jpg
19_Gift Boxes.png
20.2_Red Pattern Zoom.jpg