Bloom Hotels

UX/UI for Hospitality


Bloom Hotel is an Indian chain of award-winning hotels, designed & operated by world-class professionals. They've built a strong presence in India across top locations including Bengaluru, Delhi, Goa, Ahmedabad, Udaipur and more.

Bloom's pricing puts it in the low-cost / budget category - but if you saw one of their hotels, you'd find it difficult to believe. As a "design-first" company, they obsess over the customer experience - from the rounded edges on all their walls to custom-designed cloud beds. They approached us to bring the user experiences on their website at par with the guest experience at their hotels.

We worked with Bloom over a four-month engagement to completely build their Website and Booking Experience from scratch.

Extending the brand, digitally

Inspired by the hotel and design of each Bloom property, thoroughly designed - right from the facade, to the room and facilities. We extended the visual, design style and the use of their brand colour to the website.


Smooth and Seamless

The chances of guests dropping off are high during the initial booking process. Keeping this in mind, we've structured the entire booking experience around giving guests the information they require, without any distractions - as one seamless experience from start to end.

Optimised for Quick Info

From showcasing Bloom properties to highlighting features, nearby attractions and more, guests have key information available as a collection of small snippets before even getting to the details page.


Creative Direction

Abhisek Sarda

Aakash Rodrigues

UX & UI Design

Aakash Rodrigues

Chris D'souza

Jude Gonsalves

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