Beard Design is now Opposite.

2017 was a wonderful year for us - here’s looking back at it. Btw, all the alphabets you see below have been painstakingly hand-crafted. What fun!


A for August

'Smart Cities' are a pipe dream, but we've already started becoming a 'Smart Studio'. We added an August Lock to our door so the entire team has access to the studio at any time without worrying about keys, key cards or giving up fingerprints (But Aadhar). Next up, AI that does all our work.


B for Bombay

One year in Bombay. We were prepared to hate it, but it's not that bad. Pretty good, actually. Except the traffic during Diwali, Navratri, Ganpati, Durga Puja and every other day of the year.


    C for Cowrks

    India's largest coworking space needed a brand refresh. We did a pretty good job, we think. See for yourself.


    D for Drinks

    A new drink every Thursday - that's how we started 'Thirsty Thursdays' this year. They've grown to include our weekly all-hand meetings, show-n-tells, demo days and more. But the drinks are the heroes. New recipes (or drink deliveries) are welcome!

    See our Drinks

    E for Electric Mansion

    Is your office building called 'Padmavati Plaza', 'Kamala Mills', 'Paragon Plaza', 'Nutan Center'? Ours is called Electric Mansion. Enough said. And we created a beautiful 5,000 sq ft. studio space out of it.

    See the Studio

    F for Five Years

    We turned Five in January 2017.
    Bodoni turned Six. Big year.

    Five Year Flashback

    G for Goa

    #Throwback to where it all began - the land of sun, sand, feni, stray dogs, cheap petrol, cheaper beer and so much more. We'll always have a piece of Goa in our hearts.

    Our life in Goa

    H for Happy Ratio

    We worked with the founding team to build the Happy Ratio brand from scratch and launched it this year.


    I for Iteration

    Iteration. Iteration. Iteration. Everything we do is iterative. Heck, even the image above took a few iterations!


    J for Jungle Beers

    Simba is a brand we built last year. This year, we helped launch their two craft beers - the Jungle Wheat and the Jungle Stout. The packaging, visual language, launch campaigns - and most importantly tasting every iteration of the recipe, until it was perfect.


    K for Kaficko

    Kaficko, one of Hyderabad’s most popular home-grown restaurants, wanted to reinvent itself for a new generation of patrons. We reimagined the brand inside out - from the brand identity to the interiors and the menu.


    L for Last Local

    Branding for an upcoming deep house artist.The logo we designed dances to his music!


    M for Music

    Music is huge at the studio. Here's a playlist with our favorite tracks from 2017.


    N for Node.js

    Node.js automated large parts of our development workflow this year. If you don't know what Node.js is, don't worry, no one at the studio except our developers know either.


    O for Origin

    Brand Name, Identity and Web Design for the most advanced Augmented Reality SDK available today. Origin is inspired by what an SDK is - a starting point - to build anything you want, go anywhere you want.


    P for Political Party

    Dream Project. Branding for a political party. Can't say anything yet - we'd have to track you down (using your Aadhar) and then kill you - not very unusual these days -but still avoidable.


      Q for Queen

      What do you call a dog who gets served chicken twice a day, treats every hour, sleeps on a King-size bed, travels in a German car and has a 2,000 sq ft play area? "Queen" was the most used hashtag for Bodoni this year.


      R for Ruskin Bond

      We worked with Tea Trunk to create a Limited Release Ruskin Bond Edition tea - to honor the fabled author at a literature festival.


      S for Sugar Cosmetics

      We created the Sugar brand packaging language a couple of years back. This year we worked with Sugar to build out their retail presence. Go to a Lifestyle Store near you and look for the most beautiful cosmetics display!


      T for The Ken

      Our work for The Ken started with a simple goal - translate the richness of the print reading experience to the screen. The design is beautiful and the content incisive. Go subscribe to it. Yes, it is paid, and worth it.


      U for Ummm

      Still thinking. U is a difficult alphabet. Still thinking. We knew "u" would be a pain. Still thinking. Umbrella? Underwear? Umm... Let's skip this one.


        V for Version Control

        'About-Final_Approved_V8_Final_Latest.sketch', 'HomePage_v2_Final_Final2-New.jpg', etc are file names of the past. We switched to design version management tools like Abstract and Plant that maintain file versions for us.


        W for Wall Art

        At the studio, when you hit a wall, it's quite likely it will be a pretty wall - covered with our work - print samples, beer bottles, signage design - and the black paper dog that keeps falling off.

        See Pictures

        Solving for X

        Still solving. Check back next year.


        Y for YouTube

        Our top videos from this year - the subjects range from Stoicism and Simulation Theory, to Productivity Hacks and the benefits of a good night's sleep.


        Z for Zoodles

        Zucchini Noodles quickly rose to become one of the most ordered dish of the year at the studio.