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Workspace Design for Tech Startup


Vserv is a fast-growing start-up, that has grown out of three offices in less than 2 years. When they were getting ready to move into a new office, they asked us if we could make it really cool!

We created a set of graphics for the different parts of the office, right from the exterior glass walls, to their cafeteria, meeting rooms, workspaces etc…, around the concept of a “mobile city”.

As you enter the office, you see a Map of the mobile city, with each area named and branded based on city metaphors. There’s a House of Lords, a Pub, the Mayor’s office, the city treasury…

They love their new office and are now looking at creating a similar environment in the other spaces their teams occupy in the same area.

Vserv office 1
Vserv office branding2
Vserv office branding3
Vserv office branding4
Vserv office branding4
Vserv office branding6
Vserv office branding7
Vserv office branding8
Vserv office branding9