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The Ken

Web Design for Journalism


Founded by a group of senior business journalists and editors from Forbes, Mint and Reuters, The Ken is a pioneering reimagination of business journalism. It is built around two basic ideas – long form, analytical business stories, painstakingly researched and written by a team of independent journalists with a strict code of ethics.


We worked with The Ken to reimagine the reading experience on screen. Some research at the beginning of the project quickly revealed two things – the reading experience on screen was boring and templatized – and the reading experience in print was far richer with beautiful visualizations, fresh layouts and layers of content around the main narrative. This set up the goal of our work on The Ken – to bring the richness of print magazines to the web.


We did this in two ways – One, by understanding the basic structure of long-form articles and the idea of a layered narrative. Two, by figuring out how to combine this with the constraints of an automated, publishing platform where each article cannot be hand-crafted. The result is a super easy publishing system tied to a flexible template that allows the publisher to control the creative direction of each article – including typography, colors, layouts and other aesthetic elements. When used to its full potential, this makes each article feel like it was hand-crafted – just like the beautiful spreads of a print magazine.


We’ve been readers of The Ken, even before they approached us to work on the project – and boy, do we enjoy the new reading experience we created! The redesign also gathered a ton of rave reviews – with most users rating their reading experience as dramatically better.