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The Ken

Android and iOS Apps


The Ken is a pioneering re​-​imagination of business journalism by a team of independent journalists with decades of experience.


We worked with The Ken at the beginning of 2017 to build their website – where we brought the rich and engaging reading experience of print magazines to the screen. See web design project here.


The Ken Apps (iOS and Android) are meant for their paid subscribers. The premise of doing the apps was to extend the reading experience to other areas such as discovery and conversations around the content.


While the reading experience remained the same, as the much-loved website, we created and designed a set of peripheral experiences around that – an intelligent, dynamic reading list, a commenting system that really drives conversations rather than one-off rants, a way for the user to save snippets from articles and go back to the original articles based on snippets and so on.


We created the Android and iOS versions of the app to reflect the native experience, while keeping the core experience for both users the same.


Smart Reading List

All published stories curated and organised intelligently based on the user’s topics of interest. Once a story is read, it’s moved to the archive to make place for fresh new content.

Inline Comments

Quick access to write a comment directly while reading the story, so users can jot down their thoughts on the fly, instead of when getting to the end.

Highlight Excerpts

Users can highlight and save relevant excerpts from the story for later reference.

Save Stories

Given the long-form nature of The Ken’s stories, users may not always have the time to read the full story at that moment. They can save it instead to read later, at their convenience.

Consistent reading experience across Web, Mobile and Tablet


Download for Android and iOS