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Brand Identity

Explara Brand Identiy-1

Ayojak is a leader in the Event Ticketing and Solutions space in India. Over the last few years they built a great product and a formidable brand in India.

When they decided to change the positioning of the company from a back-end solution provider, to an event discovery platform, they approached us to help them with the rebranding.

We created a bold new identity for their chosen name, Explara. The “curious eye” is a powerful yet simple symbol, with the possibility of creating extensions in a memorable and quirky manner.

Explara Brand Identiy-2
Explara Brand Identiy-3
Explara Brand Identiy-4
Explara Brand Identiy-5
Explara Brand Identiy-6
Explara Brand Identiy-7
Explara Brand Identiy-8
Explara Brand Identiy-9