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Senior Graphic Designer

Senior Graphic Designer

Build and Manage Bold Brands.

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Need to have

  • 3-4 years of work experience in Branding, Packaging and Marketing Communication Design Projects.

  • Ability to understand Businesses and Conceptualise Brands.

  • Ability to build strong Brand Identities.

  • High proficiency in Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop.

  • Strong understanding of emerging practices and design methodologies.

  • Ability to work independently on projects and managing team responsibilities.

Good to have

  • Knowledge of After Effects, Cinema 4D.

  • Experience interacting with clients.

  • Ability to mentor and manage young designers

We are looking for


Intelligent and Articulate. Independent Thinker. Brings fresh perspectives.


T-shaped people. Experts in their area, aware of many others. Ability to cross-pollinate ideas.


Skilled Craftsmen. Love their craft and getting their hands dirty. No armchair experts.


Believe that everything yields to hardwork. And that nothing significant was ever achieved without grit.

Key Responsibilities

  • Strong, innovative, strategic and on-brand ideas for identity, packaging, space design and marketing communication projects.

  • Create a visual language for projects, from brainstorming and initial conception through final stages of a brand manual.

  • Work hands-on throughout the project lifecycle with different stakeholders in a project - mentors, clients, colleagues.

  • Play a leadership role in guiding and mentoring team members.

Selection Process

Send your resume and a brief summary of your interest in working with us to shortlisted profiles hear from us within one week.