Beard Design is now Opposite.  Read why

About Opposite

About Opposite

TL;DR: Opposite was formerly Beard Design. We outgrew the name. Same studio. Same team. Same work. Same dog. New stance.

We work with challenger brands on breaking the status quo through building brands, packaging design and digital experiences.

We've built brands and experiences
that you love.

Swiggy, The Ken, Sugar, Simba, Digit Insurance, Tea Trunk... and brands that you've never heard about - but are leaders in their industry.

We work with small brands on big projects, not big brands on small projects.

We've never been very excited about working with a large well-known brand on a small marketing project just to get them on our portfolio. We'd much rather work with founders and creators to build a new brand. We love projects that require us to put our heart and soul into them.

We work with our hands. And our minds.

Most of our work involves equal parts craftsmanship and strategy. We believe that good ideas are born in the mind, but are given life by the hand. We cherish the joys of creating and crafting, of seeing our work come alive.

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